Oak Valley School

Useful Curriculum Links

Links for Multiple Grade Levels    

SBCEO Portal  (Lots of Great Links)

Adopted Math Textbook  (Online Resources for Grades K-5)

Math Games, Tutorials, and Movies  (

Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries  (Many different dictionaries includine astronomy, botany and landforms)

Learn Spanish  (Includes dictionary, lessons, flash cards, and more)   

Information Please: Kids' Almanac  (Lots of facts aboutpeople, places, and more)

Know Play? Reference Lookup  (Links to online dictionaries,thesauruses, rhyming dictionary, fact books, and encyclopedias) 

Merriam-Webster Online-Dictionary-Thesaurus (Type in a word to get a definition or synonym) 

National Geographic Maps and More (Search for places and print customized maps)
The Old Farmer's Almanac  (Tide tables, sunrise tables, a farm,recipes , kitchen, and weather forecasts)
Thesaurus (Thesaurus, dictionary, and word games) 

The World Factbook 2008 (Find information aboutthe countries of the world)

3rd Grade Links

Base Ten Block Game 


InteractiveOnline Clock

Number Cruncher/Function Rule 

Practice Telling Time-3 levels

3rd Grade Mathbook